Dr.Bryan White MD Hospice Plus

Dr. Bryan White MD Founder of Hospice Plus Explains How Texas Medical Facilities Prepare for a Spike in COVID-19 Cases

Renowned healthcare professional Dr. Bryan White MD Hospice Plus former CEO helps readers understand how medical facilities in Texas are preparing for spikes in COVID-19 cases. 

A practicing internist in Dallas, TX, Dr. Bryan White MD Founder Hospice Plus graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine in 1992 and has been a leader in the field ever since. He’s a Diplomate of the Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and has served in a number of director and leadership roles across the state. 

With hospitals and medical facilities enacting unprecedented plans to confront the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Bryan White MD Hospice shares how most are preparing for a spike in patient cases. 

“Medical facilities everywhere have to figure out how to meet growing patient needs while protecting their doctors and nurses,” says Dr. Bryan White MD Hospice. “If proper action isn’t taken, the virus can have a significant impact on the frontline healthcare workforce, which could start a domino effect that can be detrimental to everyone.”

Most facilities have experienced a steep decrease in patient appointments and checkups, which means healthcare providers can be reassigned to other areas as-needed. ICUs and emergency rooms are especially in need of extra hands during the crisis, but this puts many professionals at high-risk as they’ll mostly be helping care for patients who have contracted COVID-19. 

“Hospitals and doctor offices are amping up the protection of frontline workers so that they can continue providing relief and tackling the virus,” says Dr. Bryan White MD. “There’s been a lot of pressure to provide them with proper protective equipment regularly, which proves difficult with the growing nationwide shortage. To counteract, they are accepting help from independent businesses and groups as well as looking to technology like 3D-printing to meet demands.” 

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has also recently made many state licensing requirements more lenient, which can help improve the number of doctors on the frontline. Dr. Bryan White MD Hospice tells us that physicians from out of state have been invited in to help lessen the burden and that retired nurses and nursing students are also stepping up to meet the challenge. 

“By cross-training current nurses to staff additional areas and inviting nearly-graduated or recently retired nurses to pick up shifts, hospitals are pooling resources and devising effective means to ensure there’s always help on the frontlines,” says Dr. Bryan White MD Hospice Plus former CEO. “Thankfully, because Texas has so many specialists who are available to take on new roles, its medical facilities have avoided significant shortages and have stayed ahead of the curve so far.”